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Our basic course is the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course. It is an 8-hour class, with both class time and range time. We gear the class towards giving our students the maximum possible individual attention, practice time, and shooting itme. Class time includes hands-on practice sessions with real firearms and dummy ammunition. All students learn about and handle a single-action revolver, a double-action revolver, and a semi-automatic pistol. Students learn:

- Gun Safety

- Firearm & Ammunition Parts

- Firearm & Ammunition Operation

- Shooting Fundamentals

- Pistol & Ammunition Selection

- Malfunction Handling

- Gun Cleaning

Range time includes a basic course of live fire, with each student firing approximately 50 or more shots from sitting and standing positions. During the range portion of the class, students learn to shoot and qualify with a .22 pistol, then may try a larger caliber. Textbook, handouts, eye & ear protection, pistols and ammunition are all provided. Please do not bring firearms to this class without prior instructor approval. Lunch is a working/discussion lunch. You may bring your own lunch, or pizza will be brought in. Pre-registration and a deposit are required. The completion certificate from this class also enables you to apply for Concealed Carry permits in AZ, OR, and FL. Upon obtaining the permits, you will be licensed to carry a concealed firearm in those states as well as states with reciprocity agreements. Application guidance provided in class.

Class Fee: $175.00; Registration Deposit: $75.00; group and family discounts available.

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