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Our advanced course is the NRA Personal Protection In The Home Course. This course is designed for those who want to learn the use of a firearm for self protection. The course includes both class time and extensive practical shooting range time. Topics covered include:

- The defensive shooting mindset

- The law regarding use of deadly force

- Defensive pistol skills

- Strategies for home safety

- Strategies for violent confrontations

- Self-defense pistol selection

- Self-defense ammunition selection

During the range portion of the class, students will learn and practice advanced and defensive courses of live fire. Rapid fire, double-taps, firing from cover in various positions, and many other advanced skills - a total of 16 different advanced courses of fire. The class is held after public range hours, because most ranges do not allow these courses of fire to be performed by the general public during regular business hours. The textbook, handouts, and a special range setup are provided. Students need to bring their own gun, ammunition, and safety gear. Dinner is a working/disucssion dinner; you may bring your own, or pizza will be provided. Pre-registration and a certificate of pre-requisite completion (or a pre-course evaluation by instructor) are required. The completion certificate from this class also enables you to apply for Concealed Carry permits in AZ, OR, and FL. Upon obtaining the permits, you will be licensed to carry a concealed firearm in those states as well as states with reciprocity agreements. Application guidance provided in class.

Class Fee: $200.00; Registration Deposit: $100.00; group and family discounts are available.

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