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Welcome to American Safety & Defense. We specialize in training people like you in the safe, comfortable, and proficient use of firearms. Our instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association. The curriculum is based on NRA classes with California Department of Justice Firearm Safety material added in. Our training philosphy is based on four steps:

1. Safety:

Hands-on training on the rules of firearm safety that develops the rules into habits.

2. Comfort:

Developing and adapting general techniques and theories to you, resulting in your personal, uniquely comfortable firearm handling and shooting style.

3. Proficiency:

When you are safe and comfortable, shooting, like all sports, becomes easy. Proficiency becomes the norm.

4. Fun:

Safety, comfort, and proficiency make anything fun to do - we all like to do what we are good at. We will get you there.





We specialize in small class sizes, and patience comes at no extra charge. At the end of any class, you can take the CA HSC (Handgun Safety Certificate) test and receive a certificate enabling you to buy a pistol in California.

We also offer custom training and coaching for groups and individuals.

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